Tian Tang Group successfully held 'China-Uganda Industrial Park Investment Promotion Conference and Project Signing Ceremony'

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At 15:30 on July 26, 2017, Tian Tang Group successfully held 'China-Uganda Industrial Park Investment Promotion Conference and Project Signing Ceremony' in Tangshan Nanhu International Exhibition Center.More than 200 people attended the meeting, including Anite, Investment Minister of State, Ministry of Finance in Uganda; Michael, Trade Ministry of State, Ministry of Industry and Trade in Uganda; Li Qinfeng, Vice Mayor of Tangshan; Zhao Yali, former Chinese Ambassador to Uganda; Wang Deman, Director of Tangshan Bureau of Commerce; Xu Huanqing, Tangshan Hangu Management District Director; Zhang Zhigang, Tian Tang Group Chairman; Su Zhen Shan, secretary of Overseas BU,CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd.; business representatives of foreign affairs and overseas Chinese federation of Tangshan City; contracted enterprises and enterprises of the city.


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Chairman Zhang Zhigang made comprehensive and meticulous project promotion, he said that China-Uganda Industrial Park is the first state-level industrial park approved by the local government overseas in Hebei Province and was very significant. It not only enhances Tangshan's overseas influence, but also supports domestic enterprises to go outside of China and bring new opportunities for the enterprise development, especially under the new situation of carrying out international capacity cooperation under the 'Belt and Road Initiative'. The geographical location of the park is good, the policy dividend is high, the development prospect is wide, and the return on investment is great. This is a national-level industrial park with the most potential in Uganda. He hopes to take this promotion as an opportunity to attract more Chinese enterprises to open up the market in Uganda. Tian Tang Group will make great effort to do a good job in serving all kinds of investment enterprises in the park.


Chairman Zhang Zhigang made speech


Ms. Cai Zhi, Senior Director of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China made speech


Director Xu Huanqing said that with the acceleration of the 'Belt and Road Initiative' in recent years, it has brought unprecedented historical opportunities for the enterprises to go global. He called for the active participation of entrepreneurs here in the 'One Belt, One Road' project and support the Tangshan Overseas enterprise Tian Tang Group to develop and construct the China-Uganda Industrial Park, push the advantageous production capacity in Tangshan to go global and invest in Uganda, carry out international production capacity cooperation and expand the trade with Uganda.


Director Xu Huanqing made speech


At the Investment Promotion Conference, Minister Annette introduced the basic situation of Uganda from the aspects of politics, economy, resources, investment environment and policies. She thanked China for its long-term help in the economic development of Uganda and said that China-Uganda Industrial Park has been listed as a priority national development project in Uganda and enjoyed a large number of preferential policies. She hoped that Chinese entrepreneurs will make good use of this superior platform to invest in Uganda and realize win-win cooperation.


Investment minister of Uganda made speech

Trade Minister of Uganda made speech


Mayor Li Qinfeng said at the meeting that development is the eternal theme and cooperation is the trend of the times. Under the 'Belt and Road' policy advocated by General Secretary Xi Jinping, Tangshan municipal government will actively support the development and construction of the Uganda Industrial Park. In his opinion, the contract signing between China-Uganda Industrial Park and Tangshan Enterprises marked the initial progress made by Tangshan in terms of the 'Belt and Road' international capacity-building cooperation. The event also provided a platform for mutual understanding, mutual exchange and common development for many parties. He sincerely hope China-Uganda Industrial Park and the Tangshan enterprises can establish a bright future for mutual benefit and reach a win-win cooperation.


Mayor Li Qinfeng made speech

Subsequently, Tian Tang Group signed a China-Uganda Industrial Park strategic cooperation memorandum with CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd., and signed entering Park agreements with 8 intention investment enterprise with a total investment of about 160 million US dollars, which can promote more than 3000 people local employment, the investment includes processing of agricultural products, building materials, furniture, glass, daily necessities and other urgent needs to be developed industries in Uganda.


Tian Tang Group and signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd.

Tian Tang Group signed entering Park agreements with investment companies.

Tian Tang Group signed entering Park agreements with investment companies.


After the China-Uganda Industrial Park is completed, it plans to attract 30 settled enterprises with a total construction investment of 600 million U.S. dollars. It will create 12,000 local jobs in Uganda and build a modern China-Uganda friendship demonstration park with diversified industries, complete facilities and convenient services.


The success of this investment promotion conference and signing ceremony marked the beginning of full operation of China-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park, marked the establishment of a platform and carrier for Tangshan and even Chinese enterprises to invest in Uganda, and marked the successful transformation of the Tian Tang Group towards a broader area of development.


Photo of Tangshan Mayor Li Qinfeng with participants


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