The chairman of tiantang group participated in a meeting of the 12th CPPCC national committee

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January 24, 2018 in hebei province the Chinese people's political consultative conference committee of the 12th conference held in victory will shijiazhuang in hebei province for the first time, session 4 and a half days to complete closing 28 morning. Hebei provincial party committee secretary wang dongfeng, governor xu qin and other provincial government leaders, the provincial committee of the CPPCC, and the city of more than 700 members participated. Mr. Zhang zhigang, chairman of tiantang group, attended the meeting as a special member of the Hong Kong, Macao and foreign affairs committee.



In the CPPCC meeting, chairman zhang listened to learn the dong-feng wang on behalf of the CPC hebei provincial party committee, secretary of provincial party committee of the communist party of China (hebei to the victory of the conference held by the important speech, and respectively by shijiazhuang municipality ai wenli was, vice chairman of CPPCC and ge will wave two CPPCC work report. In group discussions, zhang with the commissioner has also studied the hsu, chairman of the governors of the government work report, and committee members to share their experience with you, he points out that in the speech, secretary of provincial party committee emphasized to endeavoring to comprehensively deepen reform and opening up, actively integrated into the "area", the enterprise needs to "go out", strive to build a comprehensive open new pattern. Government work report also pointed out that the future is one of the provincial government focus depth into the "area" construction, speed up the formation of a new era for implementation new pattern of opening to the outside of the policies and measures, more global resources and across the world, build big pattern, promote the international cooperation capacity, highlight the key country, focusing on key industries and support the advantages of the steel, photovoltaic capacity to go out, the Chinese and foreign cooperation industrial park, provincial cooperation industrial park to create. These fully explain provincial government attaches great importance to the national "area" development strategy, he feel joy and encouragement, firmly the faith and determination to develop Uganda national park, in the future will redouble our efforts, in the provincial government introduced the policy guidance, strengthen the docking with advantage production capacity in hebei province enterprise, helping enterprises to "go out", to build a new pattern of hebei comprehensive reform and opening up, strive to create a strong economic province in the new era of comprehensive construction, beautiful hebei new situation to make due contributions.


After the meeting, the new media of Great Wall of hebei province invited chairman zhang to participate in the live interview. Chairman zhang in the interview, to introduce the basic situation of Uganda, here four spring-like, lay 6.5 billion barrels of oil resources, electric power, rich mineral resources, demographic dividend and market potential is tremendous, possess the conditions for industrial development, and the ugandan government formulated the 2040 national development vision, focus on developing industrialization. Chairman zhang also introduced the current by day tang group investment and development of um and lai industrial park in some situation, he said, um in lai industrial park were trust and entrust by udinese President, tang group is also a day after more than ten years rich experience in business development of the whole product, park one-stop service center, will be set up by government agencies to send staff, to provide enterprises in the park immigration, customs, commodity inspection, the legal consultation, enterprise registration and the relevant registration, warehousing logistics, commercial exhibition and other services. Couched in plain language, in the hope that through um lai industrial park this advantage platform, can let small enterprises in the park when we walked through the detours, help them solve the practical problems in production and living, let enterprises have no trouble back at home, for native enterprises "going out" do more depth.


In Xi Jinping general secretary put forward "area along the grand development strategy", Africa became an important direction and goal of development and construction in our country, more and more Chinese enterprises walked into Africa, the Chinese capital, technology, market, enterprise, talents and experience of successful development, the relative development advantage with the rich natural resources, combining the demographic dividend and huge market potential, will create new miracles. Since the BBS cooperation between China and Africa, China and uzbekistan have witnessed increasing political mutual trust and continuous development of mutually beneficial economic cooperation. At present, China has become Uganda's largest source of investment. In the current good situation, we are willing to work together with friends from all walks of life to seek common development and win-win cooperation. In the future, China and uzbekistan will be the best example of international production capacity cooperation between China and uzbekistan.


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