China's ambassador to Uganda, zheng zhuqiang, visited the Sino-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park

2018-02-09  来源:


On February 5, 2018, zheng da made a visit to the umbalai industrial park in the eastern part of Ukraine to hear the introduction of the head of the industrial park management committee. At present, the construction of the first phase of the industrial park is being carried out smoothly, attracting many Chinese manufacturers such as agricultural products processing, steel structure manufacturing and commodity production.


After listening to the introduction, he said that China and umbarai industrial park is a new platform for production capacity cooperation between China and uzbekistan, which has opened up new channels for local government employment and taxation. It is hoped that the administrative committee of the industrial park will guide the enterprises in the park to operate in compliance with the law and write a new chapter in the economic and trade cooperation between China and uzbekistan.


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