Good luck, good luck. Singing and dancing, farewell to the old and the new -- tiantang group has been celebrating the great year.

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Spring Festival is to make every employee can have a prosperous Chinese New Year, group of special symbol of good fortune as one wishes for you lucky money envelopes, year on this day, we receive a red envelope, all smiles, opened the day tang group with annual chapter sequence.


On February 16, 2018, during the Chinese lunar year of dog's movement on the first day, in this new day, a day decorating MUKONO tang group industrial park, particularly beautiful, filled with happy and peaceful festive mood, group was held in the 2017 annual meeting with explicit commendation congress in 2018 and the Spring Festival gala. The chairman of the group, Mr. Zhang zhigang, executive President and chief financial officer, Mr. Zhang zhichun, Mr. Wang wentong, general manager, and all the directors and staff of the company gathered together to celebrate the New Year.


At five o 'clock in the afternoon, the official start of the activity, the first addressed by the group, came to power, his first to every employee and family happy New Year, to wish you all a happy New Year, everything goes well, the year of the dog want want it! Then, in his speech, he fully affirmed the hard work of all colleagues in the past year, and made a deep bow to all of us to express our deep gratitude. In his speech, he said that 2017 will be an extraordinary year and will lead us to review the major achievements made by the group in 2017. Especially for the positive response to the chairman of the xi "area along the" great initiative and ugandan President museveni to speed up the realization of its industrialization development idea, the group in 2017 with the ugandan government successfully signed a state-level industrial park, covers an area of 3800 mu of um, lai industrial park development agreement, park in October to break ground in 2017. He pointed out that the development and construction of um, lai industrial park development direction will be the focus of the group over the next five years, this group each have ideal, aspiring young talents to provide a display of her talent better higher platform, he called on everyone to give full play to the days of tang dynasty innovation, dare to struggle, not afraid of hard work, unity of spirit, out of passion and energy, work together to struggle, to group development towards the new take-off.

The chairman's speech inspiring, also let all of the staff passion, he pointed out the way forward, for everybody had new hope, caused the staff has the same resonance.

The chairman and zhang always take photos with the outstanding employee.

In the past year, the group has made gratifying achievements, cannot leave each employee's work and pay, as the commendation advanced, set an example, the group human resources department names from all units and departments of good staff and outstanding contributors, the host read someone's name, one by one they came to accept, please commend and reward, zhang always presented each of them with a certificate, chairman of kindly pass the bonus red envelopes to everyone's hands. The staff of the company offered the most sincere wishes and the warmest applause for the winners.


Outstanding employee representative and outstanding contribution award winner for acceptance speech.

Then, good staff representatives and outstanding contribution award winner to deliver their acceptance speech, they are said to be able to get much feel honored, at the same time expressed group company, the leaders and colleagues, gratitude, in his acceptance speech, their training and to share the positive initiative, bears hardships and stands hard work, perseverance, careful, master mind, responsibility, and so on to get a good work attitude and quality of the importance of both aspire to more strict with myself in the future work, set a good example.


Then, under the leadership of li wenchao, the assistant chairman, we listened to the PPT presentation of the project of zhongumbalai industrial park. After listening, everyone is excited about the development prospect of the group, and is more able to participate in it and feel proud and proud.


At 7:30pm, the host announced the official start of the 2018 Spring Festival gala. Then the representatives of each unit dedicated a wonderful program, cheerful music, light dancing, humorous sketches, melodious songs. Group for the embassy of the Spring Festival this year conference opening dance "sunshine road", the same as the opening dance, the group stage, again to win the cheers of the audience, after the headquarters staff performance of dance "Panama", crosstalk "young", a chorus of "happy Chinese year" and "thanks to the New Year", and "youth" by nanjing hotel staff performance of dance dance, chorus "my dream", "south of the colorful cloud" and so on to the scene atmosphere to a climax, drew the applause and cheers from the audience.


Among the party also peppered with exciting sweepstakes link, group sports bracelet for you, sports backpacks, juicer, tablet and IPHONE mobile phone 8 prizes, such as smoke, a lucky bobo was also pass New Year good luck to the scene of every one of us.


The party also interspersed with fireworks display, the gorgeous fireworks burst into the night sky, brilliant, dazzling and dazzling, attracted everyone cheers, added a more intense festive atmosphere to the scene.

The chairman made dumplings for everyone, implying a New Year auspiciousness.

Everyone enjoys a big dinner.
The whole party ended in a harmonious, warm and happy atmosphere.

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