The foundation laying ceremony for the first batch of enterprises in the Sino-Uganda Industrial Park

2018-11-12  来源:

    On November 9, 2018, Sino-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park held the foundation stone laying ceremony for the first batch of enterprises. Mr. Chen Cheng, General Manager of Pearlight Technology Co., Ltd., Yao Wen, General Manager of Ubon Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhang Zhichun, CEO of Sino-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park, Liang Kai, Deputy General Manager, Li Wenchao, Assistant to the Chairman of the Board, and Bao Jibiao, General Manager of Yellow River Construction, attended the groundbreaking activities.

    PearlightTechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The company adheres to the concept of “improving people's livelihood and illuminating Africa”, and utilizes the unique location and preferential policy advantages of the park to professionally produce and transport various high quality and low prices products, and strive to become the "Pearl Project" for Uganda's industrial development, so that the African market can enjoy the benefits of energy saving lights. The project covers an area of 20 acres, the first phase of investment of 15 million US dollars is  to the construction of two automatic production lines with an annual output of millions of LED bulbs and fluorescent lamps,  which can create 500 local employment, and train a large number of professionals in related fields.

   Ubon Industrial Co., Ltd. covers an area of 30 acres and is divided into three subsidiaries: Ubon Personal care products limited, Ubon Technology and Ubon Paper. It is a diversified comprehensive enterprise integrating concrete additives, lighting wires, paper packaging and daily necessities. The project will actively respond to the Uganda government's support for localized development of the BUBU policy, drive Uganda's related industrial chain development, promote Uganda's industrial upgrading, and base on Uganda's 40 million population consumer market, and easily spread the entire East Africa.

   At present, the park is accelerating the provision of “four links and one leveling” conditions, building hydropower supporting projects, and creating a one-stop service center to ensure that the production and construction of enterprises entering the park are worry-free.

   Since the unveiling of the Uganda President in Uganda, the five-year-old company has settled in only eight months, allowing Africa to feel the speed of China. The groundbreaking of the two powerful enterprises of Mingzhu Technology and Youbang Industrial marks the development of the park into the fast lane and the new peak.


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