Mayor of Mbale, Mafabi Mutabili. Zanya visits Tiantang Industrial Park

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The Mayor of Mbale, Uganda, Mafabi Mutabili Zanza visited Tiantang Group's industrial park in the MUKONO area on 19, Oct. 2019. Wang Wentong, general manager of Tiantang Group, and Liang Kai, deputy general manager and director of the park management committee accompanied him.
The mayor went deep into the park and first visited four companies in the park. Mr. Wang not only detailed the production process and process of steel, steel, foam, sheet and other products in the park, but also introduced the development history of the park, the production and operation of the factory, the employment created by the park and the welfare of the workers and so on. After the visit of factories , the mayor and his team members came to the office building and had a discussion in the conference room. Mr. Wang reported to Mayor on the future planning and progress of the Sino Uganda Mbale Industrial Park.
The mayor said that the visit to the park was very impressive . The environment of the park was beautiful and orderly. The Tiantang Industrial Park of today's achievements are with a high degree of recognition and appreciation! I am also very satisfied with the current orderly construction work of Mbale Industrial Park. The mayor said: "Tiantang Group has the experience of successfully building an industrial park. I have confidence in the contruction of Mbale Industrial Park and look forward to seeing the new look of Mbale Industrial Park as soon as possible"!
The mayor finally said that Africa has been widely praised as the "land for potential development ", and the "Belt and Road" has helped Africa's development and achieved remarkable results. The Ugandan government is actively promoting the national industrialization development strategy. The Sino-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park is one of the 22 national industrial parks in Uganda. The Mbale City Government will provide unswerving support for the construction of the Umbal Industrial Park , protect the rights and interests of Chinese investors and guarantee the industrial park is completed as soon as possible. Mbale welcomes Chinese companies to come and invest in the park !

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