Chinese Ambassador to Uganda Zheng Zhuqiang visited the Sino-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park

2018-10-25  来源:

On October 24, 2018, Chinese Ambassador to Uganda Zheng Zhuqiang and his entourage visited the Industrial Park and conducted in-depth exchanges with Zhang Zhichun, the CEO of the park, and Wang Wentong, the general manager of the park, Liang Kai, deputy general manager of the park. Li Wenchao, assistant to the chairman of the park, accompanied  participated in the meeting.

General Manager Wang Wentong reported to Ambassador Zheng on the progress of the preparations for the five enterprises entering the park and the challenges they face. He said that Mbale area has gradually entered a large-scale of  dry season. The newly purchased mechanical vehicles and the introduced professional technical team have accelerated the “four links and one leveling” and the plant infrastructure of the park. The raw materials and mechanical equipment required for the project have been sent from domestic to Uganda and  will be delivered to the scene next month. At the same time, the chairman of the park, Mr. Zhang Zhigang, has also achieved remarkable results in the investment promotion activities carried out in various provinces in China. More and more investment delegations went to Uganda to visit and investigate, and expressed their strong interest in entering the park.

      Ambassador Zheng said that the Chinese Embassy in Uganda will pay close attention to the development of the park, continue to support the rapid development of the park, and help coordinate the relevant local government departments to solve the difficulties and challenges faced by the park.

Under the ardent care of Ambassador Zheng, Umeme (Uganda National Grid) Chairman Slatinno personally visited the park to guide the power distribution project to ensure that the first five companies can obtain a stable and sufficient power supply.

Since the foundation the by President Musevei in March this year, the Sino-Uganda Mbale Industrial park has received great attention and strong support from the governments of China and Uganda. The park has achieved gratifying results in attracting investment and infrastructure construction. Up to now, 13 companies have signed an admission agreement covering steel products, chemical building materials, lighting wires, paper packaging, and daily necessities.


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