China Uganda Mbale Industrial Park General Manager Was Invited to Uganda President and Investors Meeting and Dinner

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From the 6th to the 7th of this month, the Fifth 2017 Uganda President and Investors Roundtable Meeting was held at the Presidential Palace of Entebbe, Uganda. Ugandan President Museveni and First Lady, Uganda Prime Minister, Uganda Minister of Finance, Minister of Industry and Trade , Transport Minister, Minister of Tourism, Minister of Energy and other dozens of government officials and senior officials attended the meeting. Mr. Wang Wentong, general manager of China Uganda Mbale Industrial Park, was invited to sit in the front row of the meeting.

The President and Investor Roundtable Meeting is a high-level, innovative forum launched by the President of Uganda in 2004 to address the improvement of Uganda's investment climate. Roundtable Meeting of each presidential term will last 2-3 years, during which the issues of concern to industry development and investment processes will be discussed by different investors and government officials in various forms of meetings or forums with a view to promoting the quality of services of Ugandan government ministries and agencies and the competitiveness in the global economy. The Fifth President and Investor Roundtable Meeting was launched by the President in August 2015 and focuses on investment challenges in the four major areas of tourism, industrial competition and optimizing industrial development, mineral value-added, energy,oil and gas development .

During the two-day meeting, Monseigneur President earnestly listened to the problems encountered by investors in all fields of industries, especially during a special seminar on investment problems encountered in the fields of industrial competition and the optimization of industrial development. Monseigneur President said that the government had confirmed the top ten bottlenecks that have constrained the country's economic growth and the government is trying to solve these problems. He also said that in order to realize the 2040 vision of national development and to vigorously develop industrialization, this is the only way to realize that. He mentioned the China Uganda Mbale Industrial Park currently under construction and development by the Tian Tang Group and said that only the development of industrialization can solve the employment problem greatly, develop the national economy great and improve infrastructure to make Uganda a middle-income country soon, he ordered the government departments to provide convenience for the industrial park development and Business from aspects such as the water, electricity, transportation, infrastructure construction, preferential tax policies and so on.

The President and Investors Roundtable Meeting is a major initiative by Ugandan president in managing state affairs and government. It has prompted government officials, government departments and agencies to enhance their awareness of serving the country and greatly improve the investment environment in Uganda. Investors from all kind of industries reached more than 100 reform measures with the government during the two-day Roundtable Meeting.



On the 16th of this month, Mr. Wang Wen Tong, general manager of China Uganda Mbale Industrial Park, was also invited to attend the Annual Entrepreneurs' Symposium and Dinner at the Presidential Palace in Entebbe, host by the Ugandan ruling party NRM Entrepreneurs Union. Ugandan President and nearly 200 Ugandan business leaders attended the dinner.

In his speech at the dinner, the president said Uganda will mainly develop commercial agriculture, industry, service industry, information and communication industries in the future. Commercial agriculture and industry will be prioritized in these four priorities. He also said that the government will provide convenience to investors in terms of loans and the government will work hard to develop infrastructure such as electricity, transportation, information and communications and create a favorable investment environment for investors. At the same time, the president also hopes entrepreneurs can cooperate with NRM to jointly resist corruption and purify Uganda's investment environment.

In the speech at the dinner, Uganda's NRM Entrepreneurs Union Chairman Robert Rukaari Mwesigwa said that Uganda's economic development relied heavily on the contribution of private-owned enterprises, so he said the government sector will fully support the development of private-owned enterprises. In the speech, the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry urged enterprises to attract more businessmen to invest in Uganda as Uganda and even the whole East Africa have extremely rich human resources and many resources are waiting to be developed. Many industries are optimistic about their prospects and Uganda will produce oil in the near future, which will make Uganda a even more popular investment place.

During the two activities, Mr. Wang communicated with the Ugandan government top managements and felt the care and attention given by them to China Uganda Mbale Industrial Park. We are confident to get more and more government benefits and support policies that during the development of the park. We are even more convinced that Uganda, this democratic and pragmatic pearl in Africa, has immense business opportunities and a prosperous future. We hope more business friends come to Ukraine for investment. China Uganda Mbale Industrial Park will provide you with a broad platform for development.


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