'Thanksgiving and advance together, cooperation and mutual benefits' Tian Tang Group 2017 customer return banquet came to a successful conclusion

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On December 17, 2017, Tian Tang Group 'Thanksgiving and advance together, cooperation and mutual benefits' customer return banquet was be held in Nanjing Express Hotel. More than 400 new and old customers from Uganda, regions all over China and neighboring countries were invited to attend the banquet to celebrate the annual Christmas and Happy New Year.


(At 5:30 pm, customers were coming one after another, the picture shows the customer signing on sign board)

(Group leaders took pictures with customers)

During the greeting guests link, we arranged passionate local dance and music to make atmosphere lively, so that guests could feel the warm welcome from Tian Tang Group.

At 7 pm, guests all arrived and return banquet officially began. Sebaggala.M. Kigozi, member of the Ugandan Election Commission and former Executive Director Uganda ManufacturerS Association, was invited to host this return banquet. He said in his opening speech that the steel, sponge and sheet products produced by the Tian Tang Group have enjoyed a good reputation in the Uganda and even East Africa market for many years, this is because enterprise serve customers all the time and the concept of customer is first. In his speech, he also mentioned that Tian Tang Group has been insist steady development over the years. He congratulated the Tin Tang Group for this year's agreement with the Ugandan government to develop the China-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park. He believed that in the future. With the constant support from our customers, we will certainly be able to build China-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park as the most exemplary national industrial park in Uganda.

Subsequently, in the warm applause, the general manager Mr. Wang of the Tian Tang Group made speech. First of all, on behalf of the Group, he expressed his festive greetings and to the customers and suppliers who have always supported the development of the Tian Tang Group. He sincerely thanked the old and new customers for their support and love. He said that the Group will continuously improve product quality and increase products types to provide better customer services. In his speech, he briefed the guests about the development plan and prospects of the China-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park in detail, as well as the progress of the current park development and construction work, Mr. Wang appealed to our customers and friends to give more care and support in the future development and construction process of the China-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park so as to achieve win-win cooperation.

Afterwards, the manager of big customer Mukalwe company, the big client, delivered a speech. On behalf of all the customers, he thanked TianTang Group for considerate service and support and wished TianTang Group a better and better tomorrow.

(Group leaders cut the cake together with the customer representatives)

(At the return banquet, the Group leaders along with directors of sales thanked and toasted to each guest for their dedication.)

The lucky draw link of the return banquet brought the atmosphere to the climax. We prepared generous prizes such as TVs, tablets and mobile phones for customers, and the lucky ones were taken out one by one, attracting applause and warm cheers from the audiences, everyone is enjoying the moment.


At the end of the return banquet, Tian Tang Group employees danced with customers in a cheerful music rhythm, became closer to each other and celebrated the success of the dinner. In the end, every customer happily left the dinner with the gifts and wishes carefully prepared by the Group. We have reason and confidence to believe that Tian Tang Group will achieve even more impressive results tomorrow.


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