Challenge yourselves, unite together; relax mind and body, advance hand in hand - Tian Tang Group 2017 year-end staff outdoor activity

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Time flies, in the blink of an eye the year-end came, the annual Christmas and New Year was approaching, in order to relax the mind and body of employees, to reflect the company's humanization management, to consolidate and enhance the friendship among staff and enhance team cohesion, Tian Tang Group will organize different forms of outdoor tour group activities among different departments or units. From December 24th to December 26th, 2017, employees of the headquarters of the Tian Tang Group had an outdoor tour league construction activity with the theme of 'challenging yourselves, unite together, relax mind and body, advance hand in hand'.

At 8:00 a.m. on December 24th, Mr. Zhang,CEO of Tian Tang Group, general manager Mr.Wang, and vice-general manager Mr.Liang went to EXTREME ADVERTURE PARK in BUSIKA, Uganda to challenge air obstacle walking and live CS confrontation match, together with more than 40 staff members of the headquarters.

Picture of the first group of people participating in air obstacle walking

CEO Mr. Zhang was the first to board the platform and challenge himself, he steadily walked through the air obstacle area one after another, successfully glided the ropes to reach the finish line and completed the challenge, this greatly boosted the morale and boosted the courage of following staff to participate in the challenge.

With the encouragement and assist of each other, our following staff also successfully completed the challenge. The hero rescued a beauty is the most appropriate description of the above picture, our beautiful girl colleague was stuck in the air, thanks to our handsome colleague with long legs who once practiced dancing, she was able to reach the next link.

Mr. Wang then led us to attend live CS battle

On the 24th, the outdoor league construction activity continued until 4 o'clock in the afternoon. During the activity, everyone helped and encouraged each other no matter they were leaders or employees. They felt the power of the team, the importance of maintaining and cooperating, the spirit of insisting and sticking to teammates. Both air obstacle walking and live CS battle are challenging experience of self-courage, physical fitness and teamwork.

From December 25 to December 26, the leaders of the Group led more than 10 middle-level management personnels of the headquarters and drove to Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda to carry out another kind of tour-style activity.

During the two-day activity, everyone once again felt the charm of African savannah and saw many wild animals including lions, elephants, giraffes, hippos, crocodile bison, African steppe deer, antelope and so on.

Particularly worth mentioning is that we also saw with their own eyes a very rare African leopard. They can see the African leopards because of the friendly Ugandan people who are good friends of the Chinese people, they are simple, honest and hospitable, also have a special awareness of animal protection. They luckily encountered two cross-country cars parked at roadside in a fork in the road, tourists inside the car had already seen African Leopard, Ugandan drivers told our staff there was a leopard at the place marked by them 500 meters ahead, one can imagine how much enthusiasm and love could drive them and let them summon the courage to get off the car and make a mark under the eyes of the leopard so that the following tourists can tell each other and see this leopard along this sign.

In the course of the journey, there will be inevitably some emergency situations, this time for example, a car of the team gave way to the opposite car, but ended up with trapping in a large hole, we pushed the car out of the hole together and coordinated the division of labor to resolve various problems in the follow-up journey, this is also a experience and test for team collaboration ability.

We believe that through the three days different forms of outdoor activities, our staff can relax their mind and body, meanwhile this be able to let employees learn and feel more about the firm, indomitable and challenging entrepreneurial spirit; and the gratitude, integrity, pragmatic, progressive and united corporate culture. This will certainly inspire everyone in the future to work through thick and thin and forge ahead in unity.


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