The ugandan President attended the laying of the foundation ceremony for the Sino-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park

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President Museveni of Uganda (fifth left),Chinese embassy in Uganda temporary charge of Chu Maoming (fourth left) and so on jointly set the foundation for sino-uganda Mbale Industrial Park.(Xinhua news agency Zhang Gaiping filming)

On March 9, 2018, the foundation ceremony of zhongumbarai industrial park was held in mbarai district, eastern Uganda. President yoweri museveni, the charge d 'affaires of the Chinese embassy in uzbekistan is invited Mr. Chu, wu's finance minister, and add, investment minister Annette, trade minister tile aguilar, land department often BiAo kara, investment director Julie, and regional President tamar, and other senior government officials and local officials, the Chinese embassy in uzbekistan business counsellor xiu-fen zhao, day tang group chairman cheung chi-kong, Banks and business associations representing, chinese-funded enterprises and overseas Chinese delegation on behalf of the delegation, henan, hebei investment investment and local people, nearly ten thousand people to participate in the ceremony.

Museveni unveil the nameplate for Sino-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park,(Xinhua news agency Zhang Gaiping filming)

President museveni highly appreciated the investment and construction of the national industrial park of tiantang group. In predominantly agricultural economy in Uganda, he said, to establish industrial park plays an important role, help to promote the process of industrialization, promoting economic development, the improvement of the local residents' living standards. And lai is Uganda to traffic fort and the center city of Mombasa port in Kenya, is the east African regional trade strategic, um in Mr Industrial park development is an important component of the national industrial layout is of great significance. The uzbek side will further enhance the infrastructure support and tax preferential policies to attract more Chinese enterprises to invest there. He hopes to actively response to the enterprises in the park "to buy Uganda Uganda, construction" policy, the use of local rich natural resources, effective appreciation for raw materials, fully promote the development of domestic manufacturing.

Uganda's President, museveni make a speech(Xinhua news agency Zhang Gaiping filming)

Wu's finance minister, thank you card plug and day tang group contribution to the national tax for years, said cheung chi-kong chairman is genuine investor, is the angel of the friendship between both peoples, in believe in um, lai industrial park to build a model of cooperation between the two countries. He said the ministry of finance will implement preferential tax policies to help the park develop rapidly.

Uganda's finance minister, kashija make a speech(Xinhua news agency Zhang Gaiping filming)


Ugandan investment minister Annette said, Sino - Uganda Mbale Industrial Park is the first batch of the ugandan government approved a national Industrial Park, great potential and its rapid development will become the new economic growth engine, Uganda investment department for the Park construction and Chinese enterprises in the investment.

Ugandan investment minister Annette make a speech(Xinhua news agency Zhang Gaiping filming)

District chairman Dr Gaston said, and with millions of people, geographical condition is superior, the traffic network developed, complete infrastructure and supporting services, such as agricultural products processing, wood processing and mineral development industry, industrial development advantage. As a key project of the state, the industrial park in China will drive regional economic growth and create a large number of jobs. The local government will pay close attention to the development of the park and fully support the construction of the park.

The site of the groundbreaking ceremony(Xinhua news agency Zhang Gaiping filming)

Zhang zhigang, chairman of the board of directors of the two countries, said that the two countries have made significant progress with the care and support of the two governments and expressed sincere thanks for this. As an important platform, deepen bilateral cooperation capacity will actively practice "area" initiative and Uganda national industrialization development strategy, strive to build into a collection processing, manufacturing, import and export, overseas warehouse, investment management and business consulting in an integrated international industrial park. After its completion, the park plans to attract 50 enterprises and invest 600 million us dollars to create 12,000 local jobs. Park is in accordance with the "modern industrial park", he said, the high standard of infrastructure facilities, enjoy the Uganda optimal tax policies, shall be exempt from enterprise income tax for 10 years, occupying the best location, convenient radiation surrounding population of 200 million market, sincerely welcome more Chinese investors, power in the economic and trade cooperation and development

Zhang zhigang, chairman of tiantang group, delivered a speech(Xinhua news agency Zhang Gaiping filming)

Day ceremony scene, tang group, randy industry, machinery, everlast in north China such as plastic, Chinese supermarkets and startimes Chinese companies also has carried on the donations, this to enhance its contribution to the friendship between the two countries, not only won the President applauded, also won the people cheered.


Sino - Uganda Mbale Industrial Park is in the ugandan President yoweri museveni and proposed our country's foreign minister wang yi, upon the approval of the Uganda ministry of finance, by day tang group is responsible for the preparation of one of Uganda's 22 national Park. The park, located in mbalai, eastern Uganda, covers an area of 2.51 square kilometers, 220 kilometers from the ugandan capital Kampala and 65 kilometers from the Kenyan border. So far, the park has accumulated investment of $2 million, a total of 10 companies signed agreement, in the park covers metallurgy building material, fruit processing, furniture manufacturing, glass production, assembly, smart phones, cars, and other fields.

President museveni handle official business in sino-uganda Mbale Industrial Park(Xinhua news agency Zhang Gaiping filming)

Finally, President museveni gave a speech of blessing to the Chinese people of the year of the dog, and wished the future prosperity of the industrial park in China.

Presidential greeting card

President Museveni was pictured with the invited guests.


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