Park Overview

Sino-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park is one of 22 state-level industrial parks in Uganda, which were proposed by Ugandan President Museveni and China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi, approved by Uganda's Ministry of Finance, organized and constructed by the Tian Tang Group. Since its launch, the project has won great attention and support from the governments of China and Uganda.

The park is located in the Mbale City, eastern part of Uganda, it covers an area of 2.51 square kilometers, 220 kilometers away from Kampala, the capital of Uganda, 65 kilometers from the Kenyan border, it is adjacent to the standard gauge railway project, the transportation extending in all directions is very convenient and the location is traffic hub from Uganda Inland to Mombasa port in Kenya . The terrain in the park is flat and surrounding labor force is sufficient, electric high-voltage line is in place and the water resources are abundant, the telecommunications and the network are all covered.

Mbale, Uganda's third largest city, has a population of millions and is an extremely important border city. Its location has many advantages such as well-developed transport network and complete infrastructure. Cargoes here can be distributed to countries of East African, North and South Africa, the Middle East and West Asia. There are many universities, banks, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and other facilities in the city. The Ugandan government attaches great importance to its development.With its developed agriculture , Mbale is Uganda's agricultural trade center and is rich in rice, coffee, cotton, fruits, vegetables and grains, textiles, there are also coffee processing, wood processing and other industries, the development prospects are very impressive.

"Sino-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park” is the first national industrial park constructed overseas by Hebei province at the approval of the local government, which is of great significance. This park not only enhances Tangshan's influence abroad, but also supports the enterprise in the transfer of its preponderant business capacity in the new situation of the "Belt and Road", in an effort to bring new opportunities for the development of the enterprise.Sino-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park has many advantages such as advantageous geographical position, preferential policy, broad development and high return of investment, it is the most potentiality national industrial park in Uganda at present.

Shareholders Introduce

Tian Tang Group established "Sino-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park Co., Ltd." in March 2017 as the only legal investment and operating body in "Sino-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park" and the group signed the land agreement with the Uganda Investment Authority in May 2017 and signed the preferential policy agreement with the Uganda Ministry of Finance in July 2017.

Chairman of tiantang group:ZhangZhigang

At present, Tian Tang Group has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hangu Management Committee, Tangshan City and signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co.,Ltd. The three parties all have their own advantages and join together to inject new vitality into the park construction and add a strong impetus to the park development.

As a successful example of "Going Global" for Hebei enterprises, Tian Tang Group is familiar with Uganda's market and investment environment, has a clear understanding of its national conditions and a good external relationship with local government departments, trade associations and financial institutions , we will play a leading role to demonstrate and promote the development of Chinese enterprises in Uganda .

Tiantang Industrial Park

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Planning Orientation

The park plans to urgently first develop industries such as agro-processing, metallurgical building materials, new energy , automobile assembly, equipment manufacturing, household appliances, daily necessities, glass, furniture, textiles and other industries.The park will make good use of the abundant local resources and export tax exemption policies in Uganda and the East African Community of 200 million population, output China's mature production technology and management experience to create a comprehensive, international new industrial park with integrity of processing, manufacturing, import& export, oversea location, investment services and management, business and consulting.

Product Direction

  • Agricultural processing
  • Metallurgy building material
  • Auto assembly
  • New energy
  • Glass production
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Daily necessities
  • Household appliances
  • Fruit drinks

The park covers an area of 2.51 square kilometers, to take the principle of "master plan, implementation by stages" to complete the development within five years . Phase Ⅰ of the plan covers an area of 0.6 square kilometers, the phase Ⅱ plan covers an area of 0.8 square kilometers, the phase Ⅲ plan covers an area of 1.11 square kilometers. Equip with a general industrial zone, free trade zone, bonded warehouses, convention and exhibition center, storage base and supporting commercial living facilities.

After completion, the park plans to attract 30 settled enterprises with a total investment of 600 million U.S. dollars, which will create 12,000 jobs in Uganda.By the end of 2019, infrastructure construction such as park power plants, waterworks, administrative offices, convention centers, staff apartments and commercial initial support, etc. will be completed. We will realize access of water, drainage, electricity, communications, road and land formation in 0.6 square kilometers of Phase One, attract about 10 enterprises and build 5 standard factory enterprises buildings. By 2021, We will realize access of water, drainage, electricity, communications, road and land formation in 0.8 square kilometers of Phase Two and attract about 12 enterprises; By the end of 2022,We will realize access of water, drainage, electricity, communications, road and land formation in 1.11 square kilometers of Phase Three and attract more than 30 enterprises, forming a diversified, modern, international industrial park with completing living facilities, logistics and other convenient services.

Development Course

Park Advantages

Best policy and best location

The park's enterprises enjoy Uganda's most favorable policies and the best location, the industrial park is near the Uganda border. It is the only route from Uganda's inland transport to Mombasa port in Kenya, where goods can be distributed to all East African countries for convenient radiation around 200 million population of the market.

Transport network is developed

The park is close to three national highways and standard gauge railway projects, which greatly saves transportation time and cost as well as increases production efficiency and competitiveness. The import and export business is very convenient and very suitable for processing export-oriented enterprises.

High standard matching

Park is equipped with high standards infrastructure facilities according to 'modern industrial park' standard and is recognized by the world's top 500 enterprises.

"One-stop" service

The park will set up a one-stop service center unified with the government departments of Uganda, including customs, registration and commodity inspection to provide exclusive and convenient services for enterprises entering the park. Tian Tang Group, as the main development body in the park, is familiar with Uganda's market and investment environment, has good external relations with local government departments, trade associations and financial institutions, and has accumulated rich experiences in the construction and management of overseas parks. Tian Tang Group will provide Park enterprises with quality development platform and investment "One-stop" service, making their investment overseas more successful and have no worry.

Excellent investment environment

Located in the center of East Africa and with a population of nearly 40 million, Uganda is a member of the regional organizations such as the East African Community and the Common Market for South-East Africa. Uganda enjoys a wide range sales channel of products and enjoy preferential treatment. The products have duty free and quotas free advantages to enter Europe, the United States and the Chinese market. In addition, a stable social and political situation, friendly China-Uganda relations, pleasant climate and environment, abundant natural resources, low price labor force, free foreign exchange policy and a sound legal system make Uganda the treasure land for development and investment.

National strategy docking

Uganda is a member state of China-Africa Cooperation Forum and an important part for China to comprehensively promote the construction of 'the Belt and Road' and the cooperation of international capacity cooperation. In order to support Chinese enterprises going global, relevant state departments (such as the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, the Provincial and Municipal people's governments) and financial institutions (such as the China Development Bank and the China-Africa Development Fund) will give a number of financial support policies to enterprises that have invested in the park. Such as give subsidies to the early stage of company's overseas investment, give interest subsidy to loans of the project. Uganda's industrialization has just started. Most of the industries in urgent need of development are the industries need to be introduced from China. There is huge space for cooperation between the two countries. The construction of the China-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park in response to China's the 'Belt and Road' Initiative and Uganda's strategy of industrialization development will provide new opportunities for development and project undertaking platform for going global enterprises in China.

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